Zombie Drive Thru

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Zombies have taken over the world! Youre on the road, probably leading to nowhere... but youre going to try your best to get a far as you can! But if youre going down, youre going to take down as many zombies as possible!!

Maybe the next driver will get further?
Watch out though because the zombies are smart!

They will try to stop you any way they can, by jumping on you and even driving into you!!

Dodge all the obstacles, and DRIVE THOUGH as many zombies as possible!!

And collect as much fuel along the way as possible...

How far can you go?....
Just tilting your device is all you need to steer your vehicle

✔ Drive as far as you can get, and take down as many zombies as possible!
✔ Earn coins by driving through zombies
✔ Level Up your cars with CRAZY Upgrades!
✔ Unlock extra cars
✔ Complete all the achievements on Game Centre against friends